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A first-generation American Pat Diomede grew up in Chicago speakin English and Italian. He’s mastered both, and he has used language to his benefit across two successful careers, during which he has empowered team members, created solid relationships in the community, and made a lasting difference for those around him.

Pat received an invitation to join US Army, where he worked his way up to the rank of First Sergeant in 20 years at positions in Italy and across the US. He landed in Arizona in 2005 after having repeatedly visited his father here, realizing he had fallen in love with the Valley of the Sun and wanted to grow some roots.

When his career in the military ended, Diomede searched for his next adventure, which came to him serendipitously when he experienced two bad mortgage transactions. He vowed that no one should have to endure what he did, and he began his journey into the field of mortgage banking. His goal: maintain open, transparent communications throughout the entire relationship. He has done that time and again — not only in mortgages for 21 years, but in life.

A lifelong learner, Diomede is excited to add to his repertoire daily. He is always fired up to go to work, and he is passionate about educating homebuyers about the ins and outs of the mortgage industry. Even if they purchased a house in the last five years, there is still much information to share to keep them in the loop.

Diomede is an avid networker who ties his interests and experiences together seamlessly. A member of BNI Grand Networkers, Toastmasters, Peoria Chamber of Commerce, Veterans Advocacy, Friends of Freedom, and VAREP: Veterans Association of Real Estate Professionals, the underlying theme is always to give without expectations. He loves to connect people; in fact, one of Diomede’s favorite things to say is, “I gotta guy!” No matter what his friends, colleagues, or customers need, he is engaged to find them a solution and be their resource.

A passionate speaker on networking, leadership, and veterans’ advocacy, Diomede has spoken at organizations across the West Valley and in the real estate community at large. He is a member of the National Associate of Mortgage Bankers, West Maricopa County Board of Realtors, and the National Association of Realtors.

Diomede’s two adult sons and five grandchildren reside in the Chicagoland area. He lives in the West Valley with his wife Sandy and enjoys golf, bowling, reading, cooking, and fantasy football. After a long day, you can find him kicking back in front of a good sports game on the television.

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