Arizona native Jeff C. Williamson has been in the mortgage industry for 18 years currently with the powerful mortgage banker Homeowners Financial Group. He was fortunate right out of the gate to align himself perfectly with custom home builders and very seasoned, well respected Realtors, he always delivered, even with limited knowledge of the business, it just clicked. Since the beginning of his career, he has always kept a builder mentality and began working with many of the great builders around the valley and is currently the premier lender in many communities. Jeff understands the commitment it demands and respects all sides of what it takes to be a premier lender and always performs above expectations. Increasing sales among real estate partners is always his focus, showing the value of unique loan products as selling tools for agents and builders to help broaden their client base. Homeowners Financial Group has been element in success with Jeff as the strengths from both fused together in the most incredible way, both bringing out the best in one another only increasing our integrity and dedication for results. Jeff has been awarded loan officer of the year/top producer for 5 years with HFG, this is not achieved by chance or mistake. Knowledge of all loan types, FHA, VA, Conventional, Jumbo etc., all property types and continuing to cater to every buyer/borrower profile has only led to a well rounded professional that is currently lending in Arizona and the California market. Jeff always remains on the front line, connecting with those who love real estate, educating those who want to become the best and exuding an amazing passion for our industry. In his words, “The mortgage business has been wonderful to me, like any other relationship in life that means something, you love it through the good and when it sometimes, may be very tough. You must communicate, work as hard as you can, most of all try and maintain balance. This is what I do, it is not a job or work, it is a part of my life, it loves me back in so many different ways and most of all, the people you assist in obtaining homeownership are so overwhelmingly thankful at times, all I can say to them is, I am simply doing what I promised you I would do.”

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