Here at HFG we like to say our initials also stand for Homeownership, Family, and Giving Back. The core of our culture is a commitment to give back to the communities in which we are located, which is woven throughout our Mission, Vision and Values statements. HFG takes the time and effort to give as a company and to give individually on behalf of their employees. Employees are encouraged to participate in their community and many volunteer opportunities are presented throughout the year.

The Care Fund was launched by HFG in 2013, supported through public donations, pledges and events. Homeowners Financial Group co-founded this nonprofit organization with one mission: to financially and resourcefully support Arizona families who endure financial hardship while experiencing serious illness or injury of their children. The Care Fund believes that a parent should never have to choose between working to pay their mortgage, or caring for their ill child. Thus, they provide mortgage, rent and housing expense relief, as well as related lifestyle resources during a child’s extended health crisis.

Care Fund began as a unique collaboration of goodwill between Homeowners Financial Group and The Apollo Foundation. HFG honored Apollo’s legacy by developing this philanthropic cause to help other local families cope with devastating financial loss due to a child’s illness or injury. Volunteer efforts and donations from HFG employees, community members, and other corporations have made a tremendous impact on the Care Fund’s reach. To date the Care Fund has helped over 550 families in 55 Arizona cities – and we couldn’t do it without YOU.

Care Fund is a standalone 501(c)3. Click here to visit their website.

We care for your home…
While you care for your family.


Arizona’s first nonprofit organization to help families with ill children pay their home mortgage or rent.


A parent should never have to choose between working to pay their mortgage, or caring for their ill child.


We take responsibility to care for our community of families requiring emergency housing support, as if it were our own family.


To learn more or make a donation, please visit our website:

“No parent should ever have to choose between paying their mortgage or caring for their sick child”

BILL ROGERS , Founder and CEO of Homeowners Financial Group

We invite you to become involved!

Care Fund invites you to become involved! Please get in touch with us via one of the methods below or call (480) 305-8607.